Ye Olde Brew Pong Rules & Regulations

Alright brew-pongers, we are less than one week away from the night you all have been looking forward to for more than a year (yes, I am talking about The Big Brew Ha!). If you are interested in participating in the Ye Olde Brew Pong tournament at this years event, please read up on the rules and regulations ahead of time so we can move swiftly through the evening:


      1. Drinking. You are in no way obligated to consume alcohol to participate in this event. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages at any time during this event, you are doing so on your own free will. All participants must be 21 years of age to participate.
      2. Officiating. Official Brew Pong referees will have the final say in any and all disputes. Unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Any team with sufficient disregard for the game of the people around will forfeit their spot in the tournament. If either player on any team is asked to leave by an official Brew Pong referee, the team as a whole will forfeit their spot at the table.
      3. First Shot: The team who shoots first will be decided by a coin flip.
      4. Shooting. A team must shoot both balls before the other team shoots.
      5. Leaning. Leaning is permitted so long as both feet remain on the ground and no body parts come into with the table.
      6. Hitting & Removing Cups. A ball shot into a cup is counted regardless of how it goes in. Each shot is worth 1 (one) cup. A bounced shot that makes it in is worth 2 (two) cups. If two consecutive shots make it in the same cup, it is still only counts for 1 (one) cup. As soon as the opposing team makes a cup, you must remove it from the shooting rack. The shooting team must wait until the cup is removed before the second ball is shot. The only exception to this rule is when only one cup remains for either team. If any team makes 2 (two) balls in the last cup consecutively, the game is over with no rebuttals (see rebuttals).
      7. Bring Backs. When a team makes 2 (two) consecutive shots in separate cups during one shooting turn, a “bring-back” is awarded and both players get a ball back.  If a cup is somehow knocked over, it counts towards the bring-back. 
      8. Re-racks. Each team can call for 1 (one) re-rack per game.  Cups can only be re-racked when 4 (four) cups or less remain. You may also only call for a re-rack at the beginning of your teams shooting turn.
      9. Bouncing. Bouncing is a legal shot and worth only 2 (two) cups.
      10. Interference. Balls shot by one player and are touched by an opposing player before the ball passes the edge of the table are returned to the shooting player as “re-shot.” Any interference after the first offense results in a  one-cup forfeit. The team whose shot was interfered with may choose which cup is removed.
      11. Distraction. A team may do whatever they feel necessary to prevent the opposing team from making shots, except: crossing to the opposing team’s side of the table; physically interfering with the other teams shot; touching or moving the table during a shot; covering or hiding cups from the shooters sight; or making air or wind interference anywhere near the cups or ball being shot.
      12. Rebuttals. When a teams final cup has been made, each player with a ball on the losing team will have the opportunity to shoot until (s)he misses, unless the winning team makes 2 (two) balls in the final cup, in which case the game is over.  If the team succeeds in hitting all of his / her opponents remaining cups, the game will go into overtime.
      13. Overtime. O.T. Will be played as a three-cup playoff. The team that put the match into O.T. Always goes second.  The team to make the final cup first in O.T. Is the winner. O.T. Is “sudden death;” there are no re-racks or rebuttals allowed.

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